Dark Souls Style Summon Mechanic (Jolly Co-Op)

Being able to drop a summon sign and engage in some Jolly Co-op would be great. It’s nice to be able to be helped out if you’re in a tough spot or be the one doing the helping. Add incentives to this like the Souls games do such as providing rewards and what not. I see a ton of games implementing souls mechanics nowadays and I’d love for summoning to be one of them. (Invading: Maybe/maybe not). It’d also be nice for those who don’t have anyone to tag along with them.

I remember one of the original early showcases was talking about their being some kind of multiplayer aspect. I dont think PvP is on the list, but I do believe Co-Op will be a thing, but maybe only for end-game content?

Yeah, 4 player Co-Op is next up with hints at some PvP in their extended preview video. Looking forward to it.

If PvP does become a thing, I’m kind of hoping it’s something separate from the main game loop. Like a dueling arena or something would be pretty fun for a game like this instead of just wandering around the world on edge waiting for someone to jumo out of a bush at you

Completely agree. An separate PvP arena fits this game much better than traditional invading. Seems like it’s a no brainer, just a matter of time as to when it’ll be added. They could maybe extend PvP Arena beyond 1v1 duels and introduce 2v2s, 3v3s, 4v4s or something crazy.