Crane bug at the Nameless pass

Crane difference 1st and 2nd realm

The crane worked perfectly in the first realm, although in reality it also had a 180° block, as shown in the image.
It seems that in the second realm the position of the crane was not reset and this also moved the maximum and minimum angle in which the crane rotates.
I also have this problem with the other crane in the same area.
If anyone has this doubt Splurps is the name of the realm where the bug happened.

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I have the same goddamn issue i cant progress

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Bug after hotfix 3

In hotfix 3 they said the problem was fixed, but apparently not.
It seems like the only solution is to start a new realm again.

They’re aware of the issue and had a Discord announcement this morning. It sounds like it is only affecting realms created during a set period of time or on a specific patch/hotfix and they’re trying to figure out a solution.

Here’s the Discord announcement for reference.

both the cranes aren’t working

I have the same bug. But there are several workarounds by just climbing up walls, where stuff is laying around:

just one of them.


Thanks so much, hahahaha

Only way I could advance! Thank you!