Controls Customization


The one major problem I have with the game is the controls. It doesn’t feel intuitive for me and I would like to be able to customize the controls to my preferred settings. Please add the option to change controls for both keyboard/mouse and gamepad.



Agreed. If the purpose was to make you rage quit trying to
move, well done!

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Exactly. Like why is dodge A instead of B on an Xbox controller?

Also very irritating for pc, having fixed keybinds. Let me move parry onto mouse buttons pllease!

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I came here to make this post as well. Please add customizable keybinds for us. Many years of playing Warcraft and I have certain keys that are muscle memory for things. We really need to be able to freely customize whichever key we want for each action. This is my main request at the moment. I do not play with controllers and never will. So far so fun though! Thank you guys for a great game!

I NEED dodge roll on B lol

Completely agree, this has to be upvoted!

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personally, I can’t play without a game being configurable with the directional keys and the number pad so your game was immediately resold on steam, sorry.