Combat is not 'fun' in it current state

I’ve made it past the first boss after dozens of attempts into Sac, then venturing back out the glades to farm some materials and this is where I begin to question the game’s direction.

I ask myself is there ever going to be a point where I feel powerful, or are the enemies going to continue to scale to my level and continue to kill me within a few hits? I may have to play the game more to answer this question, but this is where the fun turns to frustration and finally alt f4.

To elaborate, when I encounter and enemy, I’m not thinking “cool”, I’m thinking “I hope I don’t get killed in this fight because I’m going to have to run back to the blacksmith and repair, then find some materials to cook some food.”

This is the part that’s not fun. Having to worry about food and gear constantly, because let’s face it, needing to use food during and after practically every fight is just a reality in the games current state.

I just want to fight, learn from the mistakes, and get more powerful. NOT have to listen to this constant voice in the back of my head saying “REPAIR and FARM” if I make a mistake or get cheated out of a heal when the button presses don’t register. It’s very frustrating.

I use an xbox PC controller, plugged in usb, and the input delay is so frustrating on top of the farmville punishment.


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I share your frustration with food, but it’s only at the beginning of the game, as you get to Sewers, second zone, food comes around more easily, also don’t forget to enchant, there is very powerful affixes as health regen and heal on hit, also gloves are very strong, you can use blood stone to heal on parry.

As for repair, invest 3 points to focus, get your self a repair rune, and never pay for repair again. You can have 3 main weapons, so you could have a utility weapon just for heal and repair runes.

That being said, they do need to change how game flows at the start, There is not enough “space” for getting better, between constantly farming food and repair at the start.

I would suggest:

  • Drop more food or ingredients from enemies
  • Decrease grass respawn rate, so player can get more grass in shorter period of time
  • Make repair cost less untile player progresses to Sewers

Ty, it’s good to see there is hope with regards to repairs and food.

Try to use 2h sword or a staff with good focus skills. Combat is very fun, especially if you upgrade your items. Yet again player skill is needed for this game. I like!