Cheapest house, ladder entrance obscured by Rook elevator

The elevator upgrade obscures the ladder itself making it a bit tricky to get up to the house.


For this house, the placement of the sign outside is a bit in the way. It could be moved a couple inches back and to the right. There’s also a minor issue when running back to the rookery through the bottom entrance from that house. There’s often a lady that walks there and blocks the way. I often have to jump on the rock fence to go around her. The passage could be made a bit less narrow.

I’ve had issues with this woman too. Having to roll past, and putting up with the repeated voice line (another issue).

To add to this house difficulties, it seems to easy to sidle against the door, rather go through it.

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That’s true, there seems to be a sweet spot for when to press the “open door” button, if you’re running straight at the door.

This. Even worse is trying to get down, I end up falling off and taking some damage because I can’t find the ladder