Char positioning issues after patch 1 (chests can't be opened, whispers can't be channeled)

Patch 1 resulted in problems with the positioning of the character when it comes to opening certain chests or accessing certain whispers (at least in the beginning areas like Shallows, Orban Glades or Mariner’s Keep). While moving towards a chest or whisper the appropriate “open” or “channel” interaction-infos are displayed. But as soon as the character stops moving, these “open” or “channel” dialogues disapear! You have to circle around these chests / whispers then until you find a position which will display those dialogues again.

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Upvote, I’ve been pressing the open button for the past minute trying to open a chest, and had to come to the forums to see if someone reported the bug.

Annoying asf cuz I really hate passing up loot. >:

Ive had decent luck walking away and back or rolling but yeah its a bug. Upvote

Thank you for the report.

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