Changing chest locations

I think that it would be a cool idea for the chests to spawn in different areas from time to time. Of course, it should be from a predetermined set of locations and not fully random. I find it a bit boring that the chests are always in the same locations since I can always just rush there to find new loot instead of looking around fot it. What do you guys think?

Having to look around for the new places that the chest could be would also be boring so I don’t think it needs to change, it gives a good feeling of familiarity with the area too having them in the same place, I feel like adding too much random things remove that feeling


Fair point. Maybe they can do a bit of both? some will always be in the same place and others will have their locations changed from time to time?

Maybe the ones that need a parkour could be on a different spot after you get them once.

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yeah it would be pretty neat.