But I Want To Be A Dark Mage

Soft class is fine, but really hard to get what I want, if it is even in the game. Melee is not my thing at all, but the only way to clear fast is 2H sword, upgrade a few times and 1-shots most of enemies I meet… But that’s not my thing! When could I become a mage? Dark one, preferably… Does not have to rely on magic for everything, but come on… I wanna curse, apply dots from distance, teleport, possess… and such things! :slight_smile: The only thing close to it is some staff with 4 damage and has fireball, use one, can’t u se again until focus regain… :sweat_smile:


Yes maybe there Is not magic class.

I just hit level 12 and still using the same fireball staff I got in the first hour. However, I’ve upgraded it a lot and have also gotten some gear that improve my stamina regen per hit. Now, every fight, I’d have enough stamina to cast a fireball for every 2-3 melee hits I land. With my stats and gear, a fireball is sometimes enough to 1-2 shot most enemies. If I have leftover stamina from a fight, sometimes I’m able to kill the next enemy from afar without it even getting close.

I’ve yet to try the other spells but I’m definitely going to as I level up further and get more gear. Screw 2H swords. I’m using a staff my entire playthrough. :smile:


later on when you upgrade Eleanore to T3 and T2 she offers more base staffs besides that i have seen 1 Unique cold staff in the crucible

Eleanor literally vanished after I upgraded her shop top lvl 3.

I had finally grinded out the clay I needed and started the clock for the upgrade. There were 2 hours left on the clock so I decided to go to bed and see if the game used the system clock to track progress. I was hoping she would be upgraded when I logged back in the next morning.

Well, when I logged back in, she was gone. Both her character and her stand.

she gets a house T3 so you will need to go into the door slightly north of were she was

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Yeah I just realized that. Her building is tucked flat against the wall behind where her stall was, so it’s easy to miss.