Building in town & daily quests should go off of in-game time, not real-life time

I actually like the temporal mechanics unlike some of the posts I’ve read. I think my biggest issue with them is that they’re based off of real-life time, rather than the game worlds time. It makes sense for things to take time to be built, but using OUR time is pretty immersion breaking.

I think it would feel better if you go off exploring areas and come back to town ~3 in game hours later and see buildings being complete. IMO it would enhance the gameplay loop of coming back to town often, and where time spent playing is how the game progressed, rather than stepping away from the game for a few hours.

The same is true for daily quests. It would also help keep the gameworld more populated with enemies if you could come back more often to get new bounties/challenges. Since right now, it’s possible to clear everything and then you have to wait a looong while for the enemies to re spawn.

Even better, is that sleeping at the inn now has a REAL purpose, to skip time, rather than just eating more food and being on your way.


Thas a nice idea, it’d bring more immersion and would solve money problem for early game, though rewards should be decreased to keep balance


Making enemies, sources, challenges, bounties and the shops reset after a in-game day would be good, and resting at a bed allowing you to skip the time would make me be able to keep playing the game without a time barrier.

Since the game is not a live service game, and you ain’t selling anything after the one time purchase, there’s no need in keeping the player playing more than he wants nor halting progress so he takes longer to finish the game, these things like daily quests and time to ready things are on MMOs to keep a high player count, and having than spend money on things to not waste time.