BUG:The list of materials needed to upgrade equipment is not displayed

Issue:Choose to upgrade at the blacksmith, upgrade material list can not be seen, do not know what material is needed to upgrade.

Description::I didn’t have this bug when I first started playing the game, but I ran into it around the time the third patch came out.
I chose to ignore the bug and continue playing, and for two more chances, the list appeared fine, but when I reteleported somewhere else and returned to the blacksmith, the list was invisible again.
This was an issue at first when the blacksmith shop was not enhanced, and it continued after I reached full level.
Switching to different realms didn’t solve the problem.
All I can do now is gamble that when I teleport back to the blacksmith, I’ll be able to see the material list for the upgraded weapon again.
But if you have the appropriate material you can upgrade, upgrade function is normal.

Steps to Replicate:A solution to this bug has been found, too many weapons in the weapon bar will cause this problem, if you put weapons and equipment into the box, so that you have less weapons, upgrade material list can appear again.

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