Bug report: torch flying

If I put some spells on the torch and cast it, the torch would fly with my main hand weapon.
P.S, what’s happening to the update? Why stopped? What’s your expactation on the frequency? Monthly? Bi-weekly?

Got a screenshot for you.

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Torch with Return will cause this exact issue where the Torch becomes an extension of your elbow.

As far as update frequency I think they need to start posting more. Even if it’s a 3 word post saying something like “Weapon go brrr.” We don’t need game updates constantly but posting frequently either on Twitter or In-game News or on the forums here would help alleviate some of the tension surrounding no game updates.

I’m nearing 400hrs and am running out of things to make up for content lol. I’ve tested all runes and weapons I have and have made maxed 20-30 weapons so far with multiple types of gear sets over my progression.

I truly need another mode or another grindy section of the game soon lol.

Yeah. The battle is amazing at the beginning, but the core is a little bit monotonous.
Thomas mentioned about decorating the house, but so far as I can see, everyone is just taking the house as warehouse. We don’t have enough place for the equipment that we want to try and in order to get a useable equipment we have to collect hundreds of them, as the enchanting and gems are random in number. The worst thing is, they can’t be reset.

Seems that MS want us to have another job after 8 hours.
BTW, I’m at 160 hrs now.


Every time casting rune with torch, this bug occurred!

这就是 之前有人说的,这个EA 版本太早了
this is what be said: the early access is too early

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The wired thing is, seems that they are not so clear about what’s the game would be like.

It’s new type, a bit of soul-like, a bit of diablo-like ,so received more disputed.
我个人倾向 希望多一些魂类游戏的玩法。
I prefer the soul-like game content

The problem about soul-like game is, it’s hard to keep the player for a long time. Seems that MS want to make this game last longer. But to me, they have no idea about how to keep the players.