Bola! Bola! Sacrament endures 🫠

Can these environment voice lines be restricted to once every x minutes?
I’m trying to sleep and my mind is just brainwashed to hear “Bola! Bola!” every 3 seconds :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance


At first I thought he was saying “boner”. It was jarring to say the least.

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The Madrigal brings salvation to our sicked island!


I thought they were screaming “Paula! Paula!” and “Sacrament indoors” for a long time.

I still don’t know what Bola means, so Bola and Paula both make equal sense to me :rofl:

I think if you talk to the NPC shouting “Bola!” they will say they are looking for Bola, so it might be their wife or kid.

Might be true, I’ve not heard him say that. I just buy wood from him.

If he’s looking for someone called Bola, why is he just standing in one spot, and not giving us a quest to find Bola? Both of those seem more sensical than the current state

It’s not the vendor, it’s a wandering npc that just so happens cross paths with the vendor himself.

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Having your wife gone missing must be a dreadful experience, can’t help but feel bad for him :pleading_face:


has anyone located bola in the city? i thought she was that npc offering her wife services on the northeast part of town, but that is victoria