Better mistake avoiding

I have destroyed my main weapon twice, reasoning might be my tourettes… I would like to have an option to switch “are you sure?” option to “NO” by default. Another could be to add a buyback menu everywhere, even destroyed items would go there or something like that.


Buyback would be great - I accidentally sold a great piece of armor to a vendor as I was trying to compare it to my equipped item…


Let’s not add an extra click and a left nav for something we’ll be doing thousands of times for something that goes wrong once a weekend.

Agreed on the buyback option though, because once a weekend it’s fine to go to this tab and find the item you accidentally sold

I meant to give an option in options menu to switch default setting between “YES” and “NO”. It could be set to “YES” by default, but you could have the option to switch it to “NO”.

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That would still double all vendor clicks, which means thousands of unnecessary clicks. Buyback tab is an absolutely reasonable solution here with extremely little downside (an extra tab to skip through once in a blue moon)

Then “No” could be default only at “Destroy item”.

Buyback takes away from the definitiveness.
But I agree that mistakes are easily done and that is why I think, a lock system would be better.

Having more options is always a great thing, hope they are able to figure this out

navigating the interface with gamepads is kinda wonky, and the “organize by type” mix everything up in a weird matter xD