Auto Targeting and Non Auto Targeting for Mouse and Keyboard

Am not entirely sure if it isn’t a bug but, the auto targeting is really funky sometimes, am fight a bunch of enemies then use a skill but the character instead of attacking one of the 3 enemies in front it just targets a random box 3 meters behind him or another mob in other level wich can’t even be seen on screen make the gameplay really frustating.

So… here’s the feedback in my opinion without the auto target you should be able to aim you skill/attacks using the mouse instead of the character movement, cuz now without the auto target we need to move and aim using WASD wich isn’t ideal i’d say its imposible to play without auto target in the current condition.

The ideal world… both being fixed but development is hard, i’m really enjoying the game, it’s been a while since I found a game this fun,
all the luck in the world to the developers at Moon Studios, much love.