Are there more stories/Chapters coming?

This is the first time I buy EA game, so I don’t know if there will be more stories coming. I hope it will, as the current one is too short and it didn’t take long to get to the end.

almost certainly… Devs have said this is the first chapter of the game… How many chapters in total? We don’t know. I would have to hope at least 3.

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no, this game is gonna stay on chapter 1 forever.

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This is just the beginning. There’s still a great deal to come.

The game will have multiple chapters. I too hope that there will be at least 3 or more. Considering I got a unique item that require 42 dexterity I certainly think that there will be more and at least 3 chapters on release.

I also wonder if there will be an increase in price at release like many other EA titles. I may actually get this on other platforms for multiplayer if it doesn’t support cross platform.