Aproximated length of the finished game (story campaign)

I’d like to ask if it’s known/revealed how big of a portion of the planned final campaign we have?

Just aprox - is it like a third, a half…?

Thanks for answering, seeya! :wink:


Hope it’s a lot more then a 3rd. Story seemed to just take off, hope there is much more to it.

I’m just guessing but I feel like this might be 1/4. I don’t have much to back this up, but when you zoom out on the map, it seems like there could be quite a few more areas to explore.

Also, in the crucible, it looks like there are 6 places to sacrifice your blood and and an ember but we currently only have access to 1. So if we’re lucky, maybe only 1/6 of the campaign is available. I would be stoked if it’s only 1/6 but I feel like that might be a bit much to hope for.


Good observation about the crucible… Let’s hope it’s actually 1/6 :slight_smile:

I feel like I want to spend an eternity in this world… Love the characters, their writing is so good. The stylisation is awesome (this kind of graphics don’t age - it’s great forever imho), the combat is exactly my cup of tea, music and atmosphere is top notch…

Let’s hope its 1/6 :slight_smile:


Haha yeah I get you. I’m dying for more content because the world and combat are great. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see

That and the current zones most definitely look like they have blocked off entrances to areas we will eventually have access too. I am treating this game like those games that telltale made where you got installments. But luckily in the mean time for the next installment you can level a new character and try to get some decent gear, and fix up your village maybe in multiple worlds.

Something I noticed. At the town square there is a map of Isola Sacra.

The map:

This is what I think they are, I am fairly certain about 1-4 but 5 is partially speculation.

  1. Mariner’s Keep (Door here that probably leads to area 6)
  2. Orban Glades + The Shallows
  3. Sacrament + Sewers (Gate that leads to 4. Nameless Pass and Gate that leads to 5. Marin Woods)
  4. Nameless Pass.
  5. Marin Woods (100% Sure) + Lowland Meadows & Hunter’s Vale (probably/maybe idk)
  6. ???
  7. ???
  8. ???
  9. ???
  10. ???
  11. ???
  12. ???

I do hope we are at most at 25% of the story.


That’s interesting you did that just last night I noticed a map and was telling my buddy that plays, I was assuming was the map of the game world but the orientation seemed off but holy cow what a coincidence. I’m assuming they will release 3 or 4 more areas based on what is there now in game.

  1. Shallows
  2. The keep
  3. The glades
  4. The pass
    But the question I’ll have is will they increase the level cap by 10 with each new update or will they move it to 50 with another potion of the story or increase 20 levels per new story update. Who knows. The story started to get good then stopped, I hate cliffhangers.
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