Couple of questions :D

  1. What percentage of the game is done?
  2. On April 18th, are we getting more of a demo of the game (similar to what you gave the streamers recently) or are we getting more of a full game? Where we can get into the town and craft furniture/weapons/etc.
  3. Is this the best place to get my questions answered by the devs?

Looking forward to some more updates. April 18th going to be a fun day. I’m pretty concerned about like all of a sudden 100k people logging on and the servers just dying


I know that co-op won’t be available at launch, but I imagine that the offline solo worlds will be playable. At least it is an alternative if the servers can’t support everyone making online worlds… Hopefully :smiley:

There was a pretty informative gameinformer article written about this game, though I’m not sure how recent and accurate it still is. It details some of the things that will be included in EA.

To answer a bit of your question, though, it seems early access will include more gameplay than the content creator’s demos had. There will be 5 areas/zones? in ea (according to this article, which notes that things are subject to change), including your personal town.

The article also mentions that you’ll have access to one section of the “Crypts” (the roguelite flavored endgame content) once you finish the story content that is available in the early access build.

No clue if any of that is still relevant, but it shouldn’t be too far off from current plans. There are probably other things that didn’t get mentioned, but it’s good to have realistic expectations for the early access build. Seems like there is a decent amount of content to play through at release, but there will be quite a bit missing (like co-op and the remaining zones) until subsequent updates.

  1. We haven’t announced the exact percentage, yet :slight_smile:
  2. On April 18th, you’re going to get an “Early Access” version of the game, which will include a whole lot more than what you saw during the Wicked Inside stream :slight_smile:
  3. Yes!

No Rest for the Wicked does not require an online connection to play, so you’re good :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks for answering! :smiley:

Great info, thanks! :slight_smile:

Don’t mean to hijack the topic but since you said this. Anyone on the team mind shedding some light on a topic I made regarding the Faith builds then? Nobody haven’t replied there and it’s been up for days.

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It’s important to note that the team is hard at work right now to ensure that the game launches in its best state, so their availability here is limited.
I’ll make sure to get back to you on the Faith questions soon!


There is not multiplayer atm. And they said that this game is possible to play offline so there shouldnt be any issue outside of slow game download :thinking::joy:

We’re still in the midst of all this. Will have more information as we go :slight_smile: