AMD based PC, black screen, reboot

Hi guys, recently I encountered a game crash and black screen issue that is fixed by restarting on an AMD build? My setup: AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT processor, AMD Radeon RX 6800XT graphics card, 16GB RAM. The first time I launched, it crashed during the prologue on the ship. After some fixes, it got better; I cleared part of the island, but now it crashes on the first boss during the fight at about the same time. If anyone has had a similar issue, I’d appreciate your response. Personally, I suspect that AMD hasn’t released drivers for the game, while Nvidia has, but it’s just a guess…


Malignant bug:
First, let me talk about my configuration: system WIN10, CPU: AMD3900X, GPU: 2080ti, 32GB of memory. Preface: Picking up the key, coming out of the captain’s cabin, climbing the ladder and jumping to the top of the ship to pass the battle CG, the black screen crashed, the graphics card fan speed increased, the display could not detect the signal, and there was a game sound, so it had to be restarted. It shouldn’t be a problem with computer performance, I haven’t had any problems playing other large games before. Regardless of the resolution, rendering, and sharpness being adjusted to the lowest level, the screen still goes black at that CG. Even if the resolution is windowed to 1280X720, the screen still goes black at that CG, and the display cannot detect signals. It is speculated that some models may trigger a malicious bug that causes the GPU to stop working during the top of the ship battle CG in the prologue. Due to this bug, I have not yet passed the prologue teaching level and have tried it more than 20 times. I still cannot finish watching that battle CG. In order to break through the preface, the game has exceeded 2 hours, which has left me with no room for a refund. It’s really torture!

After hotfix 6 my game crashes every 30 minutes

RTX 3070


did you resolve? I’m having the same issue