Add a Chest Replacement/Swap Feature For QOL When Moving Storage Around

If I may make another feature suggestion I think due to the fact that we have survival-lite mechanics that obviously can’t feel as feature complete as actual survival games being able to move storage around should be easy for any players. And I make this suggestion because I’m 99.99% sure we’ll get better chests that either are smaller or have more tabs so I think this is sorely needed.

If there’s a chest in front of me, and I try to place a new, better in any way, chest over it, make it so the contents of that old chest automatically transfer to the new one I’m putting down with a pop-up, replacing the old chest’s physical space as long as there’s room for the new one. I think it would be a bad idea if every new tier or every 2nd new tier from this Act 1 going forward when we get new chests we have to transfer everything OUT of the chest, INTO our inventory, then transfer it into the NEW chest again.

Here’s a quick sketch for clarity:


I agree with this suggestion :+1:

Also something to consider with chests in general, since I also like to play survival games. Is to NOT have a new type of chest every act or tier.

I’d much rather have different or new types of chests as quickly as possible so we can set up and prepare properly. In the beginning of the game chest/inventory management doesn’t matter as much yet. Therefore, we should be able to set up during that time to prepare for chest/inventory management.

Maybe after we completed ‘The Sewers’, we can have unique containers for each resource and a large chest. We also unlock Housing at this point, so it would make sense. It would save a lot of frustration transferring resources from and to different chests.

And then maybe further in the game we can have a massive chest or something.

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Great idea and even greater artstyle! :grin: