Actual endless crucible

Earlier on today I died on the Echo Knight right as he died and I impulsively ALT-F4’d the game, about 30 minutes ago I booted it back up ready to play but to my surprise I was again before the Knight, ready for another attempt.

Blessing this odd roll-back, I succeeded this time, looted a pair of unique daggers and went on down the elevator to collect my further chest reward. Except, when I went down the lift, it put me into another crucible room.

Curious, I decided to continue, and eventually I got back to the Echo Knight again - I defeated him again, receiving loot and heading to the elevator, where I was greeted with yet another standard crucible room.

Long story short, Alt F4’ing after both myself and the echo knight died has put me into an endless crucible, where seemingly the only way out is to die.


Just saw the thing about grabbing the log, will get that tomorrow. I have no idea how to create a new tag.

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You are a lucky man :joy: