Accidentally using potions and healing items after shopping

The current menu system for shops works like this:

  • talk
  • select an option Buy, Sell, Repair, etc

The problem, is that when you back out of your chosen menu, it closes the entire interface and ends the conversation, instead of taking you back to the list of options.

This causes me to press B while on the Buy tab for example, and quickly try to press Down on the dpad to go to sell, making me use my currently selected potion.

This is happening due to some muscle memory on my part, but I keep getting tripped up by it.

My suggestion (one of):

  • add a cooldown timer to all dpad items after exiting a shop, maybe 3 seconds?
  • when pressing B in a shop menu, you back out to the list of menu items instead of closing the shop entirely

This happened to me sooo many times. I hope they fix this because it becomes a pain after just one misclick.

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