About four-player cooperation and pvp

On a personal note. One thing I don’t like about soul is that if you want to play online PVE you have to accept the possibility of invading PVP. 《Wicked》 separate PVP from PVE? Columns such as PVP can only be held in arenas. PVE’s online collaboration will be pure.
The question that many of my friends are concerned about is when will the four-player cooperative PVE appear after April 18?


The first major update after the early access release (April 18th) will be multiplayer focused, this will be the PvP Arena and PvE, 4-Player Co-Op. There is no release date on when this update will be however, so you’ll just have to keep an eye out.

The PvP, as far as I know, will be arena based. So think 1v1 duels, etc. While the open world will be the PvE Co-Op.