A proper gear comparison option

Hello. While I’m very mixed about the current early-access launch of No Rest for the Wicked, I cannot deny that I enjoy the game quite a bit in my downtime between work times. However, there is one thing that I haven’t figured out in-game - the gear comparison system.

I think I don’t need to explain what I’m talking about since I think everyone knows what a gear comparison system is. Essentially, you can compare your new gear with the equipped gear in-game. Currently, I couldn’t find such a system in-game at this moment, which will allow me to compare any new piece of armor/weapon I’ve picked with my equipped ones. This has resulted in frustratingly scrolling through the inventory to check my equipped armor and the new pieces of armor.

If we can have a system to toggle the gear comparison pop-up, that would extremely help everyone. Essentially, assign the option to a key, maybe R3 or L3 on a controller. Hope you guys consider adding this in a future patch.


Fully agree.

What I do now is selecting the new item, looking at stats etc, then equipping it, so you get the previous-equipped item in your backpack and visible to check, and then reverse. Not very convenient lol…

100% agree with this :+1:

Fully agree with this!