20 Silver Coin House Staying Experience

  1. I spent twenty taels of silver to buy a house with my own warehouse. Everything was fine until I fixed this elevator. Its pillars block the only ladder here. (The gears in this elevator are not turning and appear to be unanimated)
  2. When walking from this house to the teleportation point, the NPC detected in the collision often blocks me. When she stopped me a few times, I thought she should go for a walk somewhere else.
  3. The door to this house often triggers wall-leaning action. I had to lean against the door about three times to get into the room, which required me to enter an unlock code (required to open the door). (gate command),
  4. The model animations in this picture are interspersed.

I also agree with the 3rd point, Opening the door is very annoying I always lean 2 times before going in.