Wool garment missing at mira and meri shop

hello ,
can t find wool garment (which is for up or craft T3 stuff ) at mira and meri shop they sell cotton garment instead .
Since I never saw stuff that need cotton for uppgrade , it must be a T4 material that not needed yet .


I’ve noticed this problem too, makes it nearly impossible to upgrade cloth armour to T3

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this and I also thought that I might have not come across an animal that drops it. So I am in search of that unicorn now :smile:

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I Vote this up. It seems that maybe some wrong ID is on Level 3 Mira and Meri shop.

IMO even full garment isn’t needed, at least threads to make it by yourself would be better - the same as with the leather.

I’ve noticed the same problem. Voted up.

I have same issue. Seems the shop ladies have stopped refilling their stocks for many days. When i buy stuff. Its out and it doesnt re apear.