Wish for a real pause option

I’d really wish for a “true” pause button as long as I’m palying solo. I often have to leave my pc real quick and it would be very nice not to die if I’m in a fight.


100% agree, although I think the developers already have this on the to-do list. And I would love to be able to pause anywhere, even during the cutscenes.

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Wholeheartedly agree.


I have no skin in the game, and I’m ok if they added a pause, but I think with the way the game is setup, you are never going to be able to pause.

I believe the next content drop we are getting is multiplayer, and there is no way they are going to let people pause their game in a live multiplayer game.

I’ve played 50 hours now, and I have a wife and pets, and not 1 time have I had to pause the game. You can easily get somewhere that you can get out of combat, and even if you die, big deal. You lose nothing.

Why would you even try to argue that pause is not needed? What do you lose if they add pause when playing solo? So strange.

What’s strange is your response to my post where I clearly said I was ok if they added a pause.

What’s strange is that you didn’t understand that in a co-op live multiplayer game, you don’t understand why they may not want to let players pause the game for everyone.

What’s strange is that you don’t understand for reasons listed, people may feel differently than you do.

What’s strange is you said you were okay at first then proceeded to try to convince that it is not that big of a deal to not have pause.

What’s strange is that they already said that pause will be added in the future so you are just plain wrong.

What’s strange is that if you feel different than I do about a game having pausing when playing single player you are just unreasonable. It is not a matter of opinion. It’s a net positive for every single person who plays this game.

What’s EXTRA strange is that you just keep arguing about it instead of dropping it because clearly you are mistaken.

When playing solo, pausing to a black screen and only having the option to unpause seems like it would be helpful without harming the design of the game.

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