Will the game add Fatal attachments/ripostes?

I saw the backstab animation of the game in the promotional video. It looks very smooth and gorgeous. But I didn’t see players using execution attacks when the enemy’s balance was disrupted. That makes me feel puzzled. I want to know if it’s based on technical issues or other reasons?

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Yeah, so here’s the rub:

We had ripostes in the game after parries.

But ultimately we saw that our Focus System is already accomplishing what riposte does and forcing the player into always the same riposte attack - we thought - isn’t ideal.

So what we did is this:

If you parry an attack, you gain a good chunk of Focus. Focus is what you use to perform your rune specials. You can have 2-4 rune specials.

So upon parry, you can now choose how you want to punish your opponent, which move makes the most sense. And if you kill an enemy with a rune special, you will cause a fatality.

This way, the player isn’t locked into always seeing the same parry → riposte loop, yet you’re still highly rewarded for a successful parry, but now you can choose what your ‘prize’ for that is.


Thank you for your answer. This sounds like a good reason. I have another question, are there many spells/archery techniques available for us to use? There are many players in the community who are very interested in the spell system in the game. Although the trailer did not showcase too many types of spells

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Deeply refreshing to see the team thinks & cares about avoiding repetitive gameplay like that. I always found Ripostes to feel very robotic and gamey (on top of visual fatigue from seeing the same animation over and over).

Though, the current implementation seems to cash-out a bit poorly for more focus-inclined builds (archer, mage). Wonder if there might be some middle ground (e.g., Parrying granting a temporary, use-it-or-lose-it type of “gray” focus).

Just to double-check, is a Fatality referring to the (for a lack of a better term) ‘gore explosion’ that can happen with enemy limbs going flying, or is it something else?

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Maybe Santa is real after all.

I love the thinking here. 2 points of feedback:

  1. Please add a tutorial side banner that explains this upon your first successful parry. It wasn’t obvious to myself, as well as many others if I’m reading the forum & discord correctly
  2. Special attacks don’t work many times, not sure why but plenty of times I have focus and click RB+x and absolutely nothing happens (and my controller has no known issues)

I think fixing both these will indeed make this the innovation in parrying that we didn’t know we wanted

If you’re fast enough, you can sprint behind a staggered enemy and pull off a backstab (on enemies you normally can backstab).

However, I feel utilizing other forms of punishing attacks like charge attacks and rune attacks is more rewarding than just running off of parry/riposte, like @thomasmahler mentioned. In a way, your charge attack could be your riposte.