Why can’t I see skills details?

I want to look at the effects of a skill, how much damage it does, is it aoe/selftarget/whatever etc. You just can’t….

AND to make things even worse when buying skills I can’t see what the focus cost will be and what it does exactly…. For example I bought healing aura. Nice and all. Used it and the skill states it’s only 2 focus, but that is just the activation cost for a channel. The cast costs way more. And the healing is oke-ish. So I thought I would buy the other one (Flash of health or what is it called). That might be single target, just a cast, cost less focus and maybe gives same health to just me…. So I put the rune in a different staff and low and behold the skill costs 100 focus to cast! I did not know that before already putting it in my weapon.

I would very much like a bit more QoL/information on the skills system.

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