Which gems work and/or stack?

I’ve seen a lot of talk in youtube comments that many of the gems do not work, especially in weapons. Have you found out what works and what doesn’t?

So far I gathered (but not tested) that different damage elements do not stack, but I have no idea if elemental damage from enchantment stacks at least with the same element gem.

Any tips on what gem should I put into these? :slight_smile:

I havent personally seen anything that says yes these stack and honestly with the base dmg so small your only getting like 1 or 2 extra dmg anyways so maybe worth it on double daggers i havent mathed it out. But you got the infusion on a roll so your good
Seeing as you allready have a healing, a dealing, and a way for stamina refill i say go for a topaz to get some focus.
Nice roll btw

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Many of the infusions that have seemingly low, flat amounts, scale with the item tier. So if you upgrade the item, or place in a Tier 3 item, the amount improves.

The flat values that don’t go up with tier, are the ones that directly change your character stats; like +Stamina, +Health, etc,.