Where is the quit game or "back to main menu' ? + keybinds

Am i blind or is there no option to leave the game? + not being able to map your keybinds like you want, is not of this time. Personaly i want to walk with L- mouse like i do in every RPG, and map my QWERTF and 1234

The gameplay is really beautiful and i love the grafic design…


Yep, can’t see quit game button anywhere :sweat_smile:, had to stop it from steam every time…

if you press tab you see a hotbar thingy with inventory, stats, etc and at the end you’ll see the exit button/button to leave. took me a while to find it aswell.


ok ehm … press tab … there is a quit to main menu btn there :joy:
They should really add it after pressing Esc too tho :smiley:

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