What is food without drinks

something that I think missing at least for me its drink that goes with food we got some nice variation of food and a lot of meat and what goes best with meat well wine and beer/mead we got a tavern in the city already for beds but what about the drinks xd

here some thoughts about adding drinks - if there will be alcohol drink it would give a buff to player like stamina buff or health but at same time it will give debuff because alcohol always can harm you if you get too much would be funny if character can get drunk and will walk weird if the player consume too much alcohol or will make all actions with a bit of delay because he tipsy

and I see there already some kinds of berries inside the game, and you could maybe add option to make out of them some wine or kind of beverage and I see there been use of some spice / leaves of plants for cooking meat maybe could use the root that been used at potion making, for making beer kind of like ginger beer/ ginseng or add some kind of new plant for it.

thank you for reading best regards and happy gaming.

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Perhaps filling a bottle with water could be an immersive way to add an estus flask-like mechanic pre-Warrick :hushed:

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