What are all the weapon types available?

So far i got:

-Double hand sword
-Single Sword
-Double dagger
-Staff (for magic)
-Double hand axe
-Single hand Axe


Are there any gauntlet/gloves? (i really liked punching the crabs at the start of the game :sweat_smile:), is it a viable option to go bare hands?

Going barehand was quite effective and got me through prologue easier than using weapons, as it doesn’t cost that much stamina to attack and I was able to hit and run with the limited stamina at low level. But I moved into one hand dagger + bow later on.

I’m in lv 23 now and haven’t encountered any fist weapon type yet. Looking forward in future additions on different weapon type!

Some other weapons I’ve seen so far:

  • one hand katana
  • halberd
  • swords with int or faith stat based

Yep i think there isn’t, i’m apparently in “end game” and didn’t see any.

Add the scythe - found it in the nameless pass but couldn’t equip it.

  • 1H Hammers
  • 2H Hammers
  • 2H Scythes
  • 2H Halberds