Unable to find Drainage Cellar Key, Water Channel Key, Sewer Lever Handle

Unable to locate the Drainage Cellar Key, Water Channel Key and Sewer Lever Handle.

I entered the Black Trench for the first time, ran over to the whisper, climbed on top of the metal piping which was missing the sewer lever handle and from there I ran along and into the boss room. Killed the boss and forgot about the area until later.

Came back to explore and realised there was a locked door to the left as you enter the trench but there’s no key in the location it should be after checking on google. So I presume killing the boss despawned all Black Trench key items.

Luckily I found a way to bypass the door by using a bug I’d read about online which, after also being unable to find the next two keys, thankfully allowed me to explore the area fully.

Hopefully when they patch being able to phase through locked doors it also comes alongside ensuring key item accessibility is fixed and more robust at handling sequence breaks at the same time.

It’s at the very top left of the map you have to dipsy doodle around up there head as far too left then go down and up a stair case and then you’ll have to cross a tiny little bridge

You’re right but not there in my realm.

Oh hahha wth bug maybe

I saw someone complain about this on the steam foruns too, apparently you found yourself a bug, at least its a warning to people to not kill the boss before opening everything up.