UI/UE Feedback & Bugs

TLDR: UI and UE needs massive work at the moment. Should probably be top priority after optimization.

1. Basic UI/Stash

  • Pressing Left while at the Left-most position in inventory should wrap the cursor to the farthest-right-most position. Crafting tables, Stash, and Shared Stash do not currently function like this.

  • Stashes don’t have a Sort option.

  • Sort currently doesn’t fully work. The chosen sort method constantly and randomly resets. Interacting with/Looting any item resets Sort and randomly moves items around Inventory spaces.

  • Sort should stack Items, if there are two separate non-full Stacks.

  • When crafting or using Items, Items should be used from the smallest stack in Inventory. Currently things are taken from the largest stack, creating two smaller stacks that can only be organized/stacked by messing with Stash spots.

  • In the random case that crafting (cooking) does take from a ‘smallest stack’, The UI will only allow you to craft a ‘maximum’ number of items equal to the smallest stack’s item pool. Should be able to craft all items at once, regardless of contributing item stack sizes.

2. Town Upgrade UI This is a complete mess

  • When pressing ‘confirm’, A from here on out, on an Upgrade you are moved to the contribution menu, you can still press Up and Left to move ‘out’ of the contribution menu, leading to all sorts of Jank and Bugs. Once A is pressed on an Upgrade, your cursor should be ‘locked’ to the contribution window until B is pressed (cancel). It doesn’t make sense why pressing Down to ‘confirm’ contributions works inside the secondary menu, while pressing Up or Left cancels back to the previous menu.

  • From point 1, you can press Left/Up after confirming to a contribution menu, and then select A on any other upgrade and further repeat the process to have all Upgrades highlighted as if they are a ‘selected’ menu.

  • Amount of contribution should be shown for each Upgrade as you scroll through the list of Upgrades.

  • The Title above the contribution window does not change when scrolling through Upgrades and only states ‘Sacrament’. The title should change for each Upgrade you’re scrolling through, same as the pictures.

  • I have confirmed adding contributions for multiple upgrades and had those contributions be randomly applied to other Upgrades, not the Upgrade I confirmed with.

  • After fully completing a contribution, pressing Down teleports the Cursor to the bottom of the Upgrade List, instead of the next Upgrade in line.

  • Personal Nit-Picks with Town Upgrade: It doesn’t make sense to me why Upgrades/Crafting times (although less relevant for crafting times) are displayed in real-time, while having an In-game clock present. There really isn’t a purpose to having an In-game clock, just have day-night cycles without a clock, they don’t do anything anyway(yet). Breaks immersion, makes no sense. Just make the timers in game time.

  • Time again: It feels like a little bit of player disrespect to have timers at 4 hours. Expecting players to spend hours farming mats and then making them wait another 4 real life hours for the Upgrades is very feelsbadman.

3. Quick Use/Food Slot

  • Absolutely no reason building placements should be on a quick use slot. The quick use system is already a complete enough mess without chests taking up random slots while in combat.

  • Responsiveness (as with many other UI interactions in the game) is complete garbage. Not sure if this is a problem with Game optimization eating inputs, but I can’t count the number of times I’ve needed to press Up or Down 3-5 times before an item is actually used. This has been tested thoroughly, running away from a mob standing in a corner, full stamina, no poise break, etc.

  • There needs to be some sort of UI/Text pop-up for Food & Pots when bringing up the selection window. Something as simple as ‘50 HP/50 Focus’ with the appropriate colors for fast information processing. This might also be solved with using an actual scroll/stick wheel pop-up menu (I don’t know what the normal standard industry term is for this type of feature, but the same type of quick menu used for gestures, that other games use for these type of features).

  • When using the the final item of a stack from the Quick Use slot, the next item it defaults to should be the next or previous item on the list. As of now, it appears to be completely random. Ex: I had 3 chests I was placing in my house, they are on the far left of the menu. After placing the ‘middle’ chest, the menu defaults to a random Poise potion on the far right of the menu, although not the farthest right item… ?

4. Bounty and Challenge UI

  • The Confirm button A, is used for cancelling a bounty or challenge. What?? A should only be used to select an option. X or Y for auto-completing or auto-contributing, the other for bringing up the cancel prompt, while B for canceling out of window. Standard UI/UE practice, and not some different combination for every different game menu/UI.

  • The Player can’t see what the rewards from Bounties actually are, save for the icon. It doesn’t matter if it’s a random rarity/modifiers, etc. Should be able to scroll over to the rewards to see the base stats and type of the item. Maybe ilvl for the recipe. Any relevant information.

  • When completing a Bounty or Challenge, there is no small UI pop-up (bottom left) for the items looted, as there is with every other game system.

  • I’m not sure if I’m bricked from other MMOs, but the ? and ! on the Bounty/Challenge NPC are backwards. ! should be for quest to pick up or quest available, while ? should be for a quest ready to complete. I’ve noticed the ! and ? also inconsistent for multiple other quest NPCs and it changing through quest steps. (After you first leave the Rookery, the NPC at the top of the stairs from the War Room has a ? to give a new quest, where other’s still use !.

4. Random other UI stuff (some of this is personal nit-picky stuff, but lots of it is unintuitive, annoying af, and immersion breaking)

  • When trying to loot a drop with multiple items, while full on inventory, there should be a weighting system that prioritizes picking up the most valuable item, or a window that lets you choose which item to pick up, like it does with chests, quest items, and fishing items. As it stands now, when trying to loot with a full inventory, go to menu, delete item, loot items and the game picks up the least valuable item. Back to menu, delete new item, loot again. Yikes.

  • There are no ‘Up-Arrow’ or ‘Down-Arrow’ stat comparisons for arguably the most important stats on Weapons, Stamina use and Focus generation. Having a weapon with -2 Damage but with -2 Stamina and +15 Focus is far better than the latter.

  • No UI pop-ups for item comparison in shops. Terrible UE to have to look at an item, exit out to Menu, and go back to the shop over and over.

  • No buy-back window for sold items on vendors??

  • When inside a Shop UI, the 3rd MH and OH weapon slots are still shown as ‘Locked’, even if unlocked.

  • When using Mouse & Keyboard you can fully hover over items in the lowest row of a Shop UI and the tooltip/selection box won’t register until you scroll the Window down. There is also lots of Jank in being able to fully hover over items in your inventory and not having the tooltip/selection box show up at all.

  • When trying to purchase an Item from Vendors the Durability shows up as some random, non-100% number. Haven’t tested fully, but I bought a Bow with 0/100 durability, and saw various gathering tools with 50~/100 durability. After buying the Bow, the Bow’s durability was 100/100

  • Poise and Defense Explicit Modifiers on pieces of gear do not denote whether Global or Local. This is a problem in almost every ARPG, how is it still overlooked? One solution could be just make everything either Global or Local and lower or raise the values, respectively.

  • The Menu scrolling uses the ‘closer’ buttons of LB and RB for the ‘farther’ menu options of Inventory->Stats->Quests->Etc. LB and RB should be used for the ‘closer’ options of scrolling through inventory tabs, while LT and RT should be used for the ‘farther’ options of scrolling through Menu options.

  • No sound in background, even in windowed mode.

  • No game Pause… While I understand you want to implement Multiplayer, the game is not Multiplayer yet. No game pausing on Menu open is an absolutely terrible, anti-player practice with no practical purpose that is fast becoming standard industry practice. Please stop doing this.

  • Found one random issue with a material being listed as ½ instead of 1/2 for a craft. See attached picture.

  • Need to at minimum, have an option or list of owned materials for crafting from vendors, instead of what’s just in inventory. If not allowing vendors to take materials directly from stash inventories.

  • A UI prompt for number of Items owned, in inventory, or in stash inside Vendor menus.

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