Twitch Drops Should Be Account Wide

Made a couple new toons after my initial one finished the campaign. Halfway through one of my toons playthroughs I noticed that the Twitch drop emotes were not on any other character than the one I claimed them on. Would love to see them change the emote to be account wide and not character specific. I know it is just an emote but what is the point if it is just for one toon?


I want to spend my time playing the game myself and not watch someone else.

Twitch drops should not exist unless you can get the same item by playing the game.

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I’d rather have that as well :slight_smile:

But you don’t have to watch someone else play to get the rewards. I literally walked over to my gf’s PC, downloaded the game for her, opened up a Twitch stream, muted it, minimized it and walked away. When she got home from work she was ready to save Sacrament with all the Twitch drops waiting for her. EZPZ