I can't claim my Twitch Drops

I have watched the Twitch Drops channel as instructed and clicked the claim button in Twitch TV, but I still cannot receive Twitch Drops in the game

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Me neither, i could claim the first one i got but then every time i go to Randolph to claim the other drops i haved to connect my twitch account over and over again and nothing happens.

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Hey, I’m having exactly the same problem. did you manage to solve this?

No bro not yet, i keep trying but what i get is the early access armor over and over again, i just want my flex emote XD.

Me too haha! Ive opened up a ticket with support, hopefully they can help sort this. I will let you know if it got solved mate


I’m having exactly the same problem. Have you solved it?

Did you ever get a reply? I can’t claim either.

Nah, I got a useless reply saying…


Thank you for contacting us about this!

In order for the development team to see this issue, we recommend sharing it on the No Rest for the Wicked forum: https://forum.norestforthewicked.com/

You can also share this on Moon Studios Discord channel: No Rest for the Wicked

Since the game is currently in Early Access, some bugs may occur, wherein, feedback and bug reports are vital so that the team can improve the game in a future update.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Warm regards,

Private Division Support