Tutorials - make them accessible in the menu after they've popped up

I might be blind but the pop-up tutorials that appear are fine but I cannot find anywhere in the menus where I can re-read these. Honestly, this would really help.

Also a guide to what some of the HUD icons mean - I currently have a golden toolbox in the bottom right of my HUD and I have no idea what it means because there’s nothing in-game to tell me what that icon means.

P.S. If I’m being an idiot and missing this then please point me in the right direction


The golden toolbox is to tell you one of your tool (pickaxe, shovel…) is low on durability.

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Thanks for the information - much appreciated but if you don’t mind me asking - where in the game does it tell you this? Was it one of the tutorial pop-ups or something?

No tutorial, just an observation. Same with armor/weapon durability.

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Thank you. Appreciated. Clearly I need to up my game in the observation stakes :upside_down_face: