Torches bonuses missing

Torches do not increase or add damage of single weapon for some reason.
I assume other torch stats broken also.

You primary weapon, single handed weapon , 2H or dual wield?

single handed. i use it with bow for example

I thought both bow and torch were off hands weapons, meaning you choose one or the other to use and not both

Can you try 1h weapon (knife /sword / spear) in primary hand and equip to torch in off hand.

Test that?

yes, i meant i use the 1h spear with an offhand such as torch or bow.
It makes no difference if i use it with a single offhand, or have 2 offhands and switch between the offhands.

Having this issue too.

I finally got around to making some Enchanted Torches and the only buffs that work are Gems. Enchants from Torches are not applying damage or elemental buffs.

It is working for me, using sword as primary and off hand enchanted torch with % fire bonus damage, and I can clearly see the dmg in orange during attacks, thats from the torch