There should be no limit on map signs

Why there is limit on map signs

I can understand the 4 color signs, but why there is a limit on something like pickaxe??? There are no superextramega ores which are worth of signing, instead we have bunch of regular ores (what is great, but we should have a possibility to sign them all)

too simmilar to recently posted screw you automated bot system :slight_smile:

just wanted to create map marker sugestion thread

  • make them unlimited
  • give us more marker shapes (fishing, wood, animals, etc)
  • allow us mix markers with color (aka yellow pickaxe, blue pickaxe etc)
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do you call me a bot? xD
I just didn’t see it and this thread didn’t jump on the right when I was making topic, so I thought nobody has made that thread before me

no, there was different thread about map markers and i wanted copy paste my response i made there but the system wouldnt allow me cause “the mesage was too simmilar to what i have posted before” :smiley:

Ohhh xD makes sense right now xD