The way patches are delivered makes no sense

so, as this game is only available digitally, it might be inevitable that patches might arrive post-launch, albeit an “early access” one, but one thing that’s always bothering me is how the game is currently patched.

obviously, there’s like tons of flaws in the game as of Hotfix 4 but the worst of them has to do with how they’re patched and how they’re delivered.

as it stands, you basically need to re-download the entire game every time a new patch comes. SteamDB has this thing where it generates patch notes pages that denotes differences between a bunch of files from previous version of the game to new one, it denotes if such had changed, removed, renamed, or all three. it also denotes if such files were actually modified from previous version in some way (even if just a few bytes were added/removed) or if they were yanked out or “punched in” as an entirely new file that indicates some semblance of “i need to redownload the entire game again” and…

as it turns out, for every patch that the game delivers, bundle files are always yanked out and replaced with “new” ones, albeit may have exact same data on them or may even include some entirely new data on them. and the filenames of these bundles always change! there’s literally some crazy number in a filename that’s always changing with every patch!

imagine waiting for the entire game to download again and again and again so you can see some slight improvements to lighting engine or something.

it’s insane how you’re currently delivering patches to your game. wtf is this shit moon.

Mine didn’t re-download the entire game. Hotfix 4 only need around 300MB and I’m pretty sure the past patches didn’t require downloading the whole game again.

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