The surprise attacks by the nith crawlers are OP

I don’t know what the enemy type is called. But they typically appear in the Nameless Pass, most often in a somewhat open area of the map. They appear without warning or sign that they’re there and hit with a near instant attack.

If you’re staggered or linger a second too long, they grab you and deal 3 major hits. If you don’t have enough max health, this is instant death. The only solution I’ve found for this is simply to avoid them and level up so that you can better survive the encounter.

This would be fine if you had ANY hint that this was coming. Here are some ideas I have to suggest to address this:

  1. Either telegraph the grab attack more clearly or…
  2. Leave a trace that the enemy is there. Maybe disguise them as dig spots? Would make for decent RNG if you had to be cautious any time you approached a dig spot.

You are talking about the Crawlers I think. When they first show up they stun you. You can just roll out of the stun before they hit you there is enough time.

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Sure, part of the problem are performance issues on my computer. Missing valuable frames to react quickly. I can beat them handily now even if I have to eat a punch or two.

If there’s enough time, then I suppose the issue is that it doesn’t really feel right.

Using a 2H sword makes fighting it relatively harder than a 1H. It’s attack speed is very fast. And most of it’s attack animations look the same. So it’s hard to tell when it’s swiping, grabbing, or throwing. Exaggerating these animations would make a world of a difference even if you don’t slow anything down.

And the “total surprise” thing doesn’t feel like it’s rewarding any kind of behavior other than to always walk on the edges of the walkable surfaces. You can’t have your brain activated 100% of the time in the game. You need peaks and valleys. I’d say drop a tiny hint and maaaybe stretch the animation where the crawler appears just a little bit longer.