The dungeon rhythm is too uncomfortable

Players actually go to the dungeon for new weapons and armor. The most useful ones are the equipment dropped by defeating the final BOSS. However, the current game mechanism makes people very uncomfortable. After dying at any level, you have to return to the first level, which greatly delays time and increases the cost of playing the game. Our goal is actually the drops of the final BOSS, so if you have passed the previous levels, you can return to the first level after death. Restarting can be changed to choosing to start from the first time, or from the level after death. No matter how you die, you can return to the top level and restart with a consumable. This way, the entry cost remains unchanged, and players will not be too tired to repeatedly challenge the levels they have passed. Starting from the first level will greatly affect the experience. Imagine that it takes a long time to reach the BOSS level, and you are killed instantly as soon as you meet the BOSS. You don’t get any proficiency gains at all, and you have to start from the first level again. The cost of trying is too high, and there is also the possibility of death at other levels. The cost continues to increase, which is very unfriendly.