The combat is "stretchy" so to speak

After about 6 hours of gameplay, I’ve got some observations about the combat.

It is indeed very Souls-like in terms of having to time your attacks, manage Stamina, parrying, dodging, etc.

But I noticed pretty quickly that you have to become accustomed to the distance that melee attacks can reach. Everyone in the game, including you has a “super reach” where you can score hits from a seemingly crazy distance away. When attacks are launched, the enemy propels forward what seems like 10 or 15 feet. I became fond of the Claymore pretty quick and began to make my build around it. The Claymore has a ridiculous reach!!

When I first started playing, I was getting destroyed because I was accustomed to having to get much closer to an enemy to hit them with a sword, axe, mace, etc.

Once I worked out the distance, suddenly everything clicked and I began to survive and win combat.

I’m not saying this is a good or bad thing, but it’s a huge contrast that requires adjusting to. The game is indeed difficult but I don’t think unfairly difficult. Personally I like it that the combat is a carbon copy of another game and has it’s own kind of personality.


Yes, I noticed this, too! You’ll notice that some of the models stretch within their animation frames for extra “cartoonish” oomph. Once I started accounting for the weight and “bounce” as well as the reach of attacks, everything started clicking so much better for me, too.

Glad you’ve been enjoying the game! I can’t put it down :joy:


That’s the perfect phrase for it. “Cartoonish oomph.” That’s exactly what it is! There were times I was surprised that I scored a hit because it felt like I was way outside the hit range. Likewise, glad you’re enjoying it as well! This game is seriously addictive, and in a good way, lol.

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If you like the Claymore, there’s another 2Hander with a stretchy and quick stab animation following a sprint (amusingly this is what the Claymore does in Elden Ring).

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