The bows are not even playable

While buying a tier 3 bow from the lumber man and then going to enchant it, it becomes a legendary every time. The Bows are completely unplayable since you have to hold Left control on keyboard and mouse to use it and it doesn’t even allow you to have another weapon in the top slot to be able to use it. Can we just change it to a top weapon instead plz and thank you!

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I’m curious as to what you mean by a “top” weapon, but my current character has a spear and a bow in either hand and i’ve no problem using the bow at any point (playing with an xbox one controller).

Well on Keyboard and mouse you have to hold control first of all it should be a one time press to switch between them. Like a primary weapon idk the controls are not the best for Keyboard and mouse

You have to do the same on controller, and i think the reason why is because bows are classed as a support (?) Weapon? Even the basic attacks cost focus. It’s essentially the same as using a shield and any skills tied to it, and im sure staffs work the same too (havent tried them out yet).

I understand the complaint, but i wouldnt necessarily call them unplayable. Theyre just used differently than we’re used to.

It is sad, however, that it means we wont ever see any bow-only runs outside of the crucible.

yeah ive grown use to it now