Teleportation suggestion

I find the teleportation…weird. I don’t understand why the only teleportation choices are Sacrament and the last Whisper used. Why can’t we select which Whisper we want to teleport to instead of being limited to those 2 options?


I agree. It should be possible to move from one Whisper to another. It would make backtracking less tedious and encourage exploration.


agree with you guys we should have map foged as it is now but teleports should be possible between all 1 used whispers

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Because it detracts from exploration, and given that enemies respawn, materials respawn, it would eliminate that sense of exploration and the feeling that the world itself is under a certain degree of turmoil when you can just zip around via a nexus.

I can fully understand why they went this way. That said, however, I would like an extra teleportation option to a player house or the rookery, but other than that, I like the system as-is.