Stupid question... What does this symbol mean?

What does the symbol on the right with the 10 and +5 mean in the screenshot below?

Screenshot 2024-04-24 193239

That’s your Poise Defense. The more Poise Defense you get, the less your attacks will get interrupted.


The game needs better explanation with many things, how they work, what they mean, a lot right now creates confusion rather than understanding

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How did you possibly know this? There’s absolutely no description of anything in this game anywhere. What about the one on weapons? I’m assuming that is poise damage you do?

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Because with hammers to 2 hands you can interrupted more easily enemies. The hammers to 2 hands have the most Poise Defense damage (30).
In Sacrament, they could put in the camp training (next to exit to nameless pass), a NPC that you have to visit for learn concepts basics of weapons or armament.

Something that would be nice to see is details on the various symbols if we hover the cursor over them, or “insight” as the attributes menu already has.

This it´s good. Good Idea too.