Stamina bar: I beg you: please put on top left

So far I’m liking the game but please please please: (let me) put the stamina bar on the top left of the screen under my health bar.

Elden ring/Dark souls already did it perfectly, but you’ve put it in the middle of combat, in a super tiny circle that’s about 3 pixels wide, inside the clutter of combat.

Please either make this change as default, or give us an option in the Display Settings.

I really hope this is something you can ship ASAP.

I’m not even color blind and I can’t see this tiny green/red circle most of the time (is it even there half of the time?)


I too have a problem with this, but mainly because the stamina circle gets often covered by random obstacles or visual effects and while it happens only for a few seconds it’s still enough to sometimes confuse me and I end up exhausting my stamina, expecially when against powerful enemies (or a horde of them) requiring more of my attention.

Still I wouldn’t just move it under the health bar, but instead both put it there and also keep it where it is now. This already happens with focus and health, why not stamina?

Also, make the green color a bit brighter and more visible.

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