Some ideas on how to make characteristics more useful and impactful

Hello everyone, I’m opening this post after spending quite some time reading numerous posts and discussions on various aspects of the game.

What I’d like to address in particular is the current functioning of the attributes, specifically strength, dexterity, intelligence, and faith, which currently serve primarily to grant access to higher-tier weapons. However, these weapons are not necessarily stronger than weapons from previous tiers; they simply require fewer upgrades from the blacksmith to reach the current maximum power value.

Personally, I appreciate that there isn’t a significant numerical gap between a low-level weapon and a high-level one because it allows players to choose the types of weapons around which to build their characters without necessarily having to consider boring parameters like damage, thus expanding the range of choices and customization for everyone.

However, at present, I find that investing points in these attributes does not provide sufficient benefits. Damage scaling is rather low, and it’s easy to risk losing entire levels invested in one of these statistics simply by changing weapons, as if you don’t use a weapon whose damage specifically scales on these attributes, they won’t influence your character in any way.
This problem contrasts with the advantage of customization gained by making all weapons equally effective in numerical terms, as it flattens any form of character building through the stat system. Therefore, I’d like to propose some ideas to add passive bonuses to these attributes, gradually altering the character’s playstyle based on how they’ve invested their attribute points.

I hope you like the idea. If so, I invite you to propose alternative ideas or to support this post. If you don’t like the idea, I still encourage you to leave your opinion so that we can create a constructive discussion. For now, here are some of my ideas:

  • Strength: Investing points in strength could directly influence carrying capacity. Each point could grant the ability to carry 2 additional weight points. Additionally, strength could passively influence any form of physical damage, adding 10 or 20% of the total strength value to physical damage inflicted regardless of weapon scaling.
    At the same time, the attribute could have a greater impact on the shove obtained when in heavy load, inflicting more damage to the balance and thus influencing even heavier enemies. Additionally, it could also affect the mechanics of charged attacks, further increasing their damage or speeding up their charge time.
    It would be nice to have a unique animation for charged attacks for characters with a high strength score.

  • Dexterity: This attribute could passively influence the speed of certain animations. For example, it could make the activation of consumables and runes faster, improve movement and sprint speed, allow for wider dodges, and provide a bonus to backstab damage.
    Unlocking the ability to punish staggered enemies with a riposte once a high dexterity score is reached would be desirable.

  • Intelligence: This attribute could function similarly to strength. Each point invested in intelligence could increase concentration by 2.
    Additionally, the attribute should influence any form of magical damage (Runes), adding 10/20% of its total value to damage.
    Intelligence could also affect spell casting speed and further amplify damage.
    Obtaining unique magical effects by casting charged spells with a high intelligence score would be desirable.

  • Faith: This attribute could influence the effectiveness and duration of buffs.
    A character with a higher faith score should be able to provide better healing and buffs to themselves and their allies.
    Faith should also affect the speed at which concentration is recovered. Additionally, faith should influence elemental damage inflicted, equal to 10/20% of the total attribute value.
    It would be desirable for a high faith score to grant access to additional rune slots.

I apologize for the perhaps overly long post, and I hope that the proposed ideas are well-received! I also apologize for my poor English; I hope the post is understandable. Unfortunately, English is not my native language.


I really like the “improving charged attacks” part. Never thought about that.

With “faster activation” you mean something like “cooldown reduction”?

I really really like the idea of faith affecting buff duration and effectiveness

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With “faster activation” you mean something like “cooldown reduction”?

I wasn’t so much referring to the cooldown of the heal, but rather to the duration and speed of the animations, which especially in the activation of certain runes I’ve noticed to be a problem that has often led me to be interrupted by an attack.

Ahh ok, that makes more sense i guess … fits the dex theme better (e.g. quickly grabbing a potion).

nice ideas
The Game Devs i imagine have their plan for the game but i hope they take a look here. some interesting ideas to spice things up

really nice ideas I like them!
Even if perhaps the dexterity risks proving to be a little too op!