So many fixes, but still no 32:9 ratio support or custom keybindings


I see alot of fixes being done, which is great Just wondering how difficult it is to add 32:9 ratio to the game? I’ve seen other people fix this in no time.

And when can we get custom keybindings? Why wasn’t this in the game to begin with from the start? Something as mundane as custom keybinds.

So while I’m eagerly waiting for these official fixes I aint buying the game even though I would love to play it.

Use Windows 11 PowerToys > Keyboard Manager and you can bind any key to function as you want. For Mouse you need separate software Like Logitech Gaming or Razer

I just despised them focusing on nerfing parries all over the place but not improving inventory management and other issues like the ones you are mentioning. Game needs to feel first good in performance and other aspects issues before devs start having second dogshite thoughts about the core mechanics of the game.