Rune Spells Need descriptions

Runes need to have descriptions in the inventory so that we can make informed decisions. It wouldn’t be a big deal if we could take them out without destroying our weapon but thats not the case. If you buy the wrong spells you could end up bricking your favorite weapon. I prefer mage type builds so the last thing I want to do is accidentally brick a staff i’ve been working on.


Yes they ABSOLUTELY do.

Bumbing this to keep it up, agree we need some descriptions with Runes and gems.

To me, it feels like they designed, built, and tested the melee mechanics first. Then they added staffs with magic Runes attached. By this point, the testers were already proficient in the melee combat system, so they took their mages into melee range, kicked ass as if they were warriors, built up enough Focus to cast spells, and then said “Yep, this works” and left it at that.

For someone learning the game from the ground up, the melee system is punishing - doubly so for mages who aren’t built to tank hits.